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Originally designed by Pierre Robillard in the late 1980's as a bit-map font for the Mac, LTibetan was later converted to True Type format for Windows use. It was once the most popular Tibetan font in use that came with one of the first input methods to use a Wylie-based system. The approach used with this font was to build Tibetan stacks on the fly by positioning the glyphs into stacks. The font has in recent days lost some of its popularity to other newer fonts. However, because of its former popularity, there appears to be a significant amount of Tibetan textual materials still encoded in this font. It is thus an important concern for those who are programming converters.


  • Platform: Windows and Macintosh
  • Number of Files: 2 (LTibetan, LMantra) + Mac screen fonts (16, 18, 24 point)
  • Number of Glyphs:
  • Format: True Type
  • Encoding: Legacy
  • Styles: Normal
  • Font Editor: Fontographer
  • Copyright:
  • License:
  • Availability: Free
  • Designer & Creator: external link: Pierre Robillard
  • Year Created: 1997


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